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The Soap Vine sprouted in 2005 after research & discovery that many skin care and bath products contain potentially harmful ingredients. Some products block pores in skin, promote acne, and irritation. We offer a line of coconut soaps using 100% organic ingredients when available. When or if organic is unavailable we use as natural ingredients as possible. Our coconut bars & sugar scrubs boasts 100% otganic ingredients, while we also offer other products & bars that are 99% organic or all natural such as olive oil soaps & bathbombs which contain a variety of fun scents & colors to choose from. 

The Soap Vine carrys a variety of products that are gentle & mild on the skin. Essential oils are used in our coconut bars, while in the olive bars & bathbombs they contain a color pigment & scented with essential oil blends and/or fragrance oils. We also carry a coconut based charcoal bar for men which contains a scented fragrance oil.

Your Skin Is Important To Us!

Give your skin what it really wants!

Moisture: Skin is mostly water

Glycerin is a humectant, it naturally retains moisture.

Superfat: We add extra oils & Vitamin E to smooth skin and nourish

We use real ingredients such as coconut, olive, black olive,hemp, turmeric & ginger to name a few. Order yours now!      678-542-0793

Real Essential Oils!

Real blended scents!

Botanical extracts!

We use organic, fair trade & sustainable supplys when available!

Many are 100% Organic, some bars are

98-99% Natural or organic!

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